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The expression parser may be used to debug expressions.


string constants are defined enclosed in single quotes eg. 'Hello world!'
integer constants are defined without quotes eg. 44
float constants are defined without quotes and include a decimal point or exponent eg. 3.142, 3E7


variables can be defined without quotes if they do no include any special characters eg. name, surname
however if they contain special characters, example space, they must be enclosed in grave quotes eg. `name and surname`


(in ascending order of precedence, operators with same precedence grouped together)

:= - assignment

OR - logical OR

XOR - logical XOR

AND - logical AND

NOT - logical NOT

= - is equal to
>= - is greater than or equal to
> - is greater then
<= - is less than or equal to
< - is less than
<> - is not equal to
!= - is not equal to

| - bitwise OR

^ - bitwise XOR

& - bitwise AND

- - subtraction
+ - addition

* - multiplication
/ - division
DIV - integer division
% - modulus
MOD - modulus

** - to the power of

|| - string concatenation

! - bitwise NOT

-> - access array element


auth(user, pass)
attempts to authenticate user with pass, and returns true on success otherwise false
logout authenticated user
converts data to base64 and returns the result
converts value to url encoded string according to RFC 3986 and returns result
replaces placeholders in url with values from variables and returns result
replaces placeholders in string with values from variables and returns result
urlmerge(url, query_string)
merges the values passed in query_string into url overwriting values and returns result
xmail(to, subject, message)
sends an email
    to - recipients seperated by semi-colon (;)
    subject - email subject
    message - email message
the following must be passed as variables:
    mail_host - smtp host
    mail_port - smtp port
    mail_enc - smtp encryption, eg. "ssl", "tls", "" none
    mail_user - smtp username
    mail_pass - smtp password
    mail_from - from email address
    mail_name - from name
    mail_rpto - reply to recipients seperated by semi-colon (;)
    mail_cc - cc recipients seperated by semi-colon (;)
    mail_bcc - bcc recipients seperated by semi-colon (;)
iif(condition, true_value, false_value)
if condition is true, outputs true_value else outputs false_value
converts applicable characters in text to html entities and returns result
replace(text, what, with)
replaces occurences of what in text with with
returns character of ascii
regex_match(text, regex)
returns true if text matches regex, otherwise returns false
ARRAY(element1[, element2 [, ...]])
returns an array with specified elements
executes a curl session with the specified options and returns the output
returns a dump of variable in human readable html


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