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module parameters reference

View parameters, form parameters, form columns, page parameters and image parameters are all classified as parameters.
View parameters and form columns are displayed as inputs to the user.
View parameters, form parameters, page parameters and image parameters are passed in the query string of the url.

parameter types

TEXT - text input
MULTITEXT - multi-line text input
NUMERIC - numeric input
DATE - date input
DATETIME - date and time input
TIME - time input
PASSWORD - password (masked) input
SELECT - selection dropdown input
RADIO - radio button selection input
CHECKBOX - check box input
FILE - file upload input
HEADER - groups the subsequent inputs together as a section until the next header

other properties

maxlength - The maximum length allowed in the text input.
dropdown sql - applies to text, select and radio inputs.
    In the case of text, expects a single column query used to populate an autocomplete dropdown.
    In case of select or radio:
        if single column result is returned by the query, it is used both as value and description.
        if multiple column result is returned by the query, first column is used for value and second is used for description.
required, insert required, update required - whether the input is required. in the case of forms, on insert and on update
format - applies to date/time inputs. The format used to display the input value and also parse user's input text.
regex - a regular exprassion used to validate the input
min - the minimum allowed in the input.
max - the maximum allowed in the input.
clue - input clue shown to the user in the parameter's tooltip
visibility - applies to view parameters.
    VISIBLE - input is visible to the user
    HIDDEN - input is hidden from the user
    NONE - no input ie. cleared when the user clicks search
readonly, insert readonly, update readonly - whether the input is read only. in the case of forms, on insert and on update
align - The horizontal alignment of the text input.

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