mydbapp is a web-based database application development environment.

mydbapp creates web applications that are:
  • minimalist
  • cleanly coded
  • seo friendly
  • responsive
  • light-weight and fast
  • google insight score of 100
  • flexible
  • customisable
mydbapp's features are:
  • purely web-based
  • facilitates rapid development
  • data views and forms framework
  • dynamic pages and images framework
  • static files ie. css, jpg, png, etc.
  • robust security model
  • xcode scripting
  • supports html, css and javascript
  • multi-language support
mydbapp has been used to develop:
  • wikis
  • content management systems
  • online catalogues
  • data driven websites
mydbapp is available as:

Free Pro
mydbapp.com subdomain X X X
free hosting X X X
admin panel X
designer panel X X X
.com, .net, etc. hosting X X
source code X X
unlimited domains X
hosted on own vps X X

First line support is available.

Queries may be addressed to: info@ocitygate.com